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Introducing the MUSLIM PLANNER

Introducing the MUSLIM PLANNER

The MUSLIM PLANNER is your daily companion on your way to success through structure and self-reflection. We create undated calendars, which are based on islamic principles and which can help you to be more creative, productive and spiritual. In other words: we challenge classic and boring calendars.

We know the daily challenges of many Muslims. We also know how to define goals  and reach them efficiently without losing your focus on religion. And we know the techniques of successful entrepreneurs. With these things we create the best tool for your life planning!

Because we want to transform Muslims to successful role-models, doing positive things in the world!

Who can use the Muslim Planner?

The MUSLIM PLANNER is the perfect tool for:

  • students, who want to organize themselves and have to manage many tasks at once.
  • employers, who have less time for social engagement, sports, family and friends.
  • entrepreneurs, who are successful in their bussiness but have not the time to calm down and focus on the really important things in their life.
  • academicians, who have problems with time-management and want to free their minds for science and teaching
  • freethinkers, who have less structure in their daily life and want to start projects
  • all other people, who cannot live without a calendar and appreciates islamic principles.

Your Benefits


Undated Calendar

Without dates, you can start whenever you want – even in the middle of a year! Once you write down the date of the days and get an overview over your appointments.


We cooperate with a professional Life-Coach. With her valuable tips you can integrate mindfulness in your life to become more fulfilled and successful. 

Plan your Life

Ask yourself some questions about your previous developments in your life. What are your goals in the future according to health, family, social life, work, study, financials and spirituality?

Task Management

Specify priorities for your weekly tasks and accomplish your missions with efficiency. Never pass a deadline again and don’t be stressed!

Quarter Review

Mit der Eisenhower-Matrix kannst du deine wöchentlichen Aufgaben nach Wichtigkeit und Dringlichkeit priorisieren und dir Wochenziele für deinen Fortschritt festlegen. Lerne moderne Methoden erfolgreicher Menschen kennen!


Five circles for each day give you the possibility to track your new habits or your praying activities. Don’t forget any prayer you have missed!

Islamiq Quotes

Push your motivation with quotes from the Holy Qur’an, Hadith and Muslim personalities. Every quote is full of wisdom, inspiration and reflection.

Support Social Projects

With every order we support international social projects according to sustainability, humanitarian aid and education. Click here for more information.


Contributing Team & Cooperations

Bilal Erkin

Bilal Erkin

Founder und Designer

Sandra Abed


Eric Broug

Islamic Patterns

Soufeina Hamed (tuffix)

Soufeina Hamed

@tuffix – Comics

Abdülkadir Cakar

Abdülkadir Çakar


Nora Matar

Nora Matar


Sagithjan Surendra

Sagithjan Surendra


Dr. Erika Theißen

Dr. Erika Theißen

BFmF e.V.

Sara Wilkinson

Sara Wilkinson


Baraa Khair

Baraa Khair


Esma Öncül

Esma Öncül


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